The Studio Art degree program at UAFS offers creative individuals the opportunity to develop conceptual and formal skill sets needed to create their own studio work. Creation of work revolves around an emphasis on concept, research, and process. Critical feedback is provided through peer, faculty, and guest artist reviews.

The Studio Art program offers both a BA and a Minor in Studio Art. The BA in Studio Art allows you to study visual art and to develop a basic skill set in design, color, drawing, and a variety of media. In addition to the Studio Art core, the program also consists of an intensive study of art history, providing students with a strong knowledge of the history and vocabulary of the visual arts; and a number of liberal arts and humanities courses will expand your knowledge of self, history, and contemporary society. These courses will help you to better express yourself through your art.

The minor in studio art is a structured selection of courses by which a student can enrich his or her academic preparation. The minor complements a major by broadening the student’s academic experience.

The BA in Studio Art can prepare students to work in the following areas:

  • Studio artist
  • Secondary education art teacher
  • Illustrator
  • Cartoonist
  • Freelancer
  • Muralist
  • Art consultant
  • Art appraiser

Furthermore, completion of the BA in Studio Art can lead to acceptance into graduate programs, where students can continue their education by earning an MA or MFA in the studio discipline of their choice.

Upon completion of the BA in Studio Art degree, the student will:

  • Understand and utilize the creative process to make quality artwork.
  • Demonstrate and apply principles of design, composition, color, and the visual elements in studio artwork.
  • Attain and utilize conceptual drawing skills to generate ideas and perceptual drawing skills to generate high quality images.
  • Develop skills with a variety of media to create works of visual impact and expression.
  • Create a portfolio of work which reflects the program outcomes.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of art history and criticism through written documents and oral presentations.

Completion of ART 1551 Admissions Portfolio is required for admission into the BA in Studio Art program. Students must successfully pass all Art Foundation courses with a grade of “C” or better, meet 75% or more of the Admissions Portfolio competencies, and be among the top performing students in order to gain admission to the BA in Studio Art. Because of the competitive nature of the Studio Art degree program, it is imperative that students enrolled in Art Foundation courses apply their best effort toward all their projects. Students should master as much of the foundation material as possible in an effort to build the most competitive portfolio possible to apply with. Contact the chair of the art department for specifics concerning this requirement.


Our graduates are ready. If you'd like to see them in action, simply follow this link. We've put together a list of online portfolios created by our current seniors and alumni. Feel free to hire at will.